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Here are the blogs of our Digital Leaders, they will update their blogs regularly with news about what they are getting up to in school!

Today we have been looking at image editing. Brandon decided to make a horror movie photo of himself and then edited the picture using an app called Pixlr. You can see the before and after pictures and will agree that the filters he applied are effective in transforming the photo so that it looks like he's in a horror film.

James' blog

School fundraisers

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: James' blog

Hello I am here to tell you what we are doing for our fundraiser. Right now at New Road we are doing a fundraiser for remembrance day, four students are going round and people are bringing money to buy things. All the money will go to charity that will go towards soldiers that have been injured. 


Angels blog

angel's blog

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Angels blog

Hi, as you guys know i'm Angel and i'm from Maples. Recently we moved our classroom. Previously we were in a small room called the sunshine suite, but now we are in a bigger room which used to be where reception were. Reception have now moved into another classroom. Our old room is now used for smaller groups and it is where the digital leaders meet on a Friday afternoon. Recently we have been testing new apps like inkscape and sketch nation.


Hour of Code

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Angels blog

This week it is the hour of code, and there are loads of coding games online that are designed to take one hour which help children learn all about coding. I am so clever, however, that it only took me only half an hour to complete the flappy-bird challenge. here is the certificate I received for completing the tasks. 


about our library.

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Angels blog

Hi welcome to my blog this is all about our school library. When you finish your book we have to get a laptop to do a quiz and it is called accelerated reader so we or the teachers know if you have you have read or not read. We have to get over 80% if we get under it we have to keep our books if we don't we can change. we have over 1000  books our school library is just like a library because it got a scanner to scan our books so if we lose our books we still got them on the computer.


Poppy's Blog

The amazing site in the piayground

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Poppy's Blog

 Everyone is doing amazing at working together at playtime . Some people are doing allsorts of thing. Like on last day of turm people were playing walking dead . People are also spinning hoolahoops over there head. people are doing amazing with there're playing welldone  Newroad. 


Alfie's Blog

Transition day

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Alfie's Blog

Today,7th July it was transition day.

The nursery children wet into reception. My class year 3 went into year 4 with Miss Gilchrist. 


Pupil Roles

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Alfie's Blog

James O is our head boy and Molly H is Head Girl.

The School Councillors are Reis and Macie Zachary, Milly-Ann, Patrick, Erin, Joseph, Conan, Molly b, James, Molly h.The house captains for jaguars are James and Angel. The house captains for leopards are Brooke and Jessica. The house captains for panthers are Logan F and Francis, for Lions the house captains are Frankie and Benjamin.

The health and safety officers are Jeorgia,Charlie M,Macie,Harrison,Sam,Jasmine,Alistair,Joshua C,Francis and Angel.

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Brandon's Blog

Transition day

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Brandon's Blog

Today,7th July 2017, it was transition day and all the pupils in each class had moved up a class.

nursery moved up to reception

and year 1 moved up to year 2

and ...  you get the point :)


School Sport

Digital Leaders (digitalleader) on: Brandon's Blog

Hello I am Brandon and I am here to tell you about New Road Primary sport. Our P.E teacher is Emily Heckler she does a variety of sport in P.E. she also does a football club on Friday night at 3.30 -4.30. We also have a MUGA.