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Junipers - Year 3


Teacher - Miss Farmer



Name: Miss Farmer

Likes: Disney, playing games with family and chocolate.

Dislikes: Custard and creem

Hobbies: Walking, going for bike rides and watching films.

Favourite film: Notting Hill

Favourite book: Charlotte's web

Favourite food: Shepherd's pie

Favourite subject: Numeracy and Spanish

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

I'd probably work in IT admin because all of my family do.


Our week in Junipers by ZG and GM

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We do PE with either Miss Farmer or Miss Gilchrist.  We have been doing gymnastics and ball games.

In Art we have been learning about Lowry and created our own Lowry painting.  We didn't have many colours so we had to mix paints to make the colours we needed.

Maths has been about capacity which can be measured in m, mm, cm, ml and l.  We were shown some water and had to guess how much there was. To see if we were right we then had to pour it into a measuring jug.

We are still reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in Literacy. This week we have written a newspaper report about Edmund being kidnapped because he betrayed his brothers and sisters. We have also been watching some of the film.

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Our week by OK and MS

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This week in Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes such as square based pyramid, sphere, cylinder, cube and cuboid.  We have been learning about vertices and vertex (corners) and faces (sides) and edges.  We have been describing each shape by saying how many vertices they had or how many faces.

In Literacy we are still doing about the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We have written a short story combining chapters 7 and 8. 

We have also done some reading comprehension about the book.

Science has been about seed dispersal. This is how a seed gets from one place to another. Wind, water, explosion and animal poop!

Over the last few weeks in PE we are going to be doing football.

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Our Week by AW and LG

admin on: Junipers

In Literacy we have been reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We have written letter to mum as one of the characters about moving to the country from London.  We used present perfect tense.  We have also been writing diary entries as Lucy about exploring the house and then going into the wardrobe.

Maths has been all about time.  We have done lots of work on it and have done 3 sheets some days! There's also a challenge to complete! 

In Science we have been learning about plants and flowers and the different parts of a flower.

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In Literacy this term we are studying 'The Famous Five, Five Have a Puzzling Time' by Enid Blyton and 'The Sandman and The Turtles' by Michael Morpurgo as we are looking at Great British Authors. We will be writing recounts and mystery stories this half term.


For Literacy we  follow the National Curriculum and the overview for each year group can be viewed using the following link:



Below are links to the end of year targets for pupils in Year 3.


Year 3 Writing Targets


Year 3 Reading Targets




In Numeracy we  follow the National Curriculum and the overview for each year group can be viewed using the following link:



Below are links to the end of year targets for pupils in Year 3, along with our new Mental Maths Passports.


Year 3 Maths Targets


Year 3 Mental Maths Passport


Foundation Subjects


Our topic this half term is 'Coast to Coast,' in which we will be travelling from Lands End to Wallsend across England looking at the Geography as we go.


Below are links showing the topics covered in the foundation subjects in Year 3.


Geography and History topics


Year 3 Science



Our Class Blog


Week 9

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Junipers Week 9

In literacy this week we have been writing Newspaper Reports about a battle the Romans fought in. This was based on a short video clip we have watched.

We have been working to use paragraphs in our writing and also include inverted commas in direct speech.


In Numeracy we have been continuing our work on subtracting 2 three digit numbers using column method. We are getting better at doing this as we have been practising lots of different questions.


In Science we have started looking at Plants. We were able to identify parts of a plant and say what the jobs of each part are. We made a leaflet to show our knowledge.


In Topic we have started looking at the Romans. We were lucky to get a replica Roman Legionary Helmet loaned to us from the library so enjoyed using this artefact to find out about the Roman Army.

Week 4 2017-18

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This week in literacy we have been writing short stories from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have been writing about how the different characters lost the competition and were kicked out of the factory and why this happened.

The children have been completing simple additions in maths this week. They have been adding 1 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers, multiples of ten and multiples of 100 to 3 digit numbers.

In topic we used directional language to write a short set of directions from Cornwall through the counties to Greater London. The children were very good at completing this and definitely know their directions.

In science we have moved on in our Animals topic to look at different skeletons.

“This is freaking me out,” Zachary said when we looked at pictures of different animal’s skeletons.

The class all ewwed when we watched a crab shed it’s old skeleton when it got too small for it.

“I love learning about this,” Caitlin said.

We have also been learning how to greet each other in French.

Week 3 2017-18

admin on: Junipers

This week in Junipers we have been reading more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have then been writing diaries as different characters as they have disobeyed Mr Willy Wonka’s rules and been kicked out of his factory.

We have been working hard to sequence numbers in a pattern in maths and will be moving on to addition soon because we are getting good at sequencing.

We are learning about England in our topic work and this week have looked at coasts as we are staring out journey across England in Lands End, Cornwall.

We are learning lots about nutrients and a healthy diet in Science. Researching how much of each nutrient are in certain foods and comparing them to others. The children are very good at remembering the different types of nutrients and what our body uses them for.

We have loved sending emails to each other in computing, trying to change the font, adding emojis and even starting to add attachments.

Easter cards and Chinese lanterns

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We've been getting arty this week in class by making Easter cards in the shape of eggs. We've also been making Chinese lanterns as part of our topic on the ancient Shang Dynasty. Here are some pictures of the children with their work.

Learning coding with Scratch in ICT lessons

admin on: Junipers

For the past few weeks in ICT we having been developing our coding skills by using a program called 'Scratch'. In Scratch we can create a set of instructions or 'commands' which, when done correctly and in the right order - allows the characters on the screen to do certain things. First we chose our characters or 'sprites'  - these are the people, animals or objects that we can control with commands. Next we set the background to something interesting, such as the surface of the moon, inside a castle, or on a football field. We then came up with a conversation that our sprites could have with each other. 

When we had worked out what we wanted our sprites to say to each other, we could start putting it together using commands. We took each sprite and gave it a command such as 'say "hello" for 2 seconds'. We needed to make sure that when one sprite was talking, the other sprite was waiting for the same amount of time, otherwise they would have been talking over each other. 

Some children managed to do really well and create long conversations or tell jokes to each other. When they had got really good at this we said they could add movement commands as well, so that we were watching a moving play. The work produced has been really impressive and the children really enjoy working with Scratch.

Below is an example screenshot of the sort of work that has been produced.