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Acorns - Reception


Teacher- Mrs Mitchell

Name: Mrs Mitchell

Likes: Travelling, going out for meals, and spending time with family and friends.

Dislikes: Bad weather.

Hobbies: Going to the gym, watching motoGP and visiting the Isle of Man TT.

Favourite film: Beauty and the beast (both versions!)

Favourite book: The BFG, oh and Guy Martin's Autobiography

Favourite food: Steak with peppercorn sauce.

Favourite subject: Sport

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why? A travel writer because I like travelling the world and I'd like to  share my experiences.

Better Living Day

The children had lots of fun learning about healthy eating and exercise. We talked about what we should be eating for breakfast and looked at how much sugar is in the cereals that we eat. We also had an extra PE lesson and played some team games, making our hearts beat fast.

Reception Trip to Manchester Airport Visitor Centre

The Chicks have hatched just in time for Easter. They are doing really well and looking forward to coming into school, however they remain nameless. Can you think of four names for our new arrivals?



Chicks Hatching

Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park

On Tuesday we visited Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park, the children had a fantastic day! We were able to sit on a DC-10 and even went in the Flight deck where we pretended to be the Pilot and fly the aeroplane! After that we went to the viewing platform to watch planes taking off and landing. We also got to go and have a look at Concord and got up close to the wheels, which were really big! 

The children had a fantastic time and got to experience something very different, it will also help with our Transport and Journeys topic which we are currently covering. Thank you to the PTFA who contributed to the coach in order for us to get to the Runway Park, this experience has been invaluable to the children in Acorns. 

Come back soon to have a look at our writing about the trip!



Below are links to the our new Mental Maths Passports for children in Reception.


Stage a British Isles

- Stage b British Isles 

Stage R Europe

Curriculum Overview

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Reception Butterfly Photos

The Butterflies came out of the chrysalis just in time for the children returning back to school after the Easter break. The children watched as we released them into the garden.







Our class blog


Week 2 Summer Term 2

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This week we have celebrated Fathers Day.

We have had a busy week, making and writing Father's Day cards.

In Maths we have continued looking at addition and ensuring that we are confident when it comes to using the + and = signs in our number sentences.

We have also carried on our topic of Africa reading the story Handa's Surprise and making our own fruit kebabs.


Week 1 Summer 2

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Welcome Mrs Stanley to the Acorns Team!

This week we have been learning about Africa and the animals we might find there. We have made our own African animal using paper plates, watch out for the pictures!

In Literacy we have been writing about the Animals that we might find in Africa and also looking at the similarities and differences.

In Numeracy this week we have been adding two, 1 digit numbers together and talking about what language we need to use to write a number sentence.


Week 4 Summer Term 1

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In Literacy this week we have been finishing off our non-fiction books about Transport, we have been looking at all types of transport and writing sentences about them. We have also been working really hard on our phase 3 sounds in phonics, some of them have become quite tricky but we are getting there and trying to remember to apply them in our writing.

In Numeracy this week we have been looking at capacity and weighing things around the classroom using the bucket scales. We had to choose 3 objects and then order them from the heaviest to the lightest or vice versa. 

We have been very lucky to have 2 lots of PE lessons in a week with Emily. On Wednesday we had a go at archery, the children really love this sport and are always keen to have a go.

We have also been able to get outside a lot this week as the weather is starting to get nicer, this has meant that we have been able to enjoy milk and snack whilst sat outside listening to a book.

In one of our topic sessions we made paper aeroplanes, we were split into groups of 5 and we had to see who's would got the furthest. The planes that won then had to go into the final were we found that Herbie's plane went the furthest.


Week 3 Summer Term 1

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This week we went on our trip to Manchester Airport Visitor Centre.

We started the day in the cabin of the DC10 aircraft. Here the children learnt about different parts of an aeroplane e.g. nose, tail, wings, engines etc. We talked about some of the many jobs at the airport and we also got to visit the flight-deck and be the pilot of the plane.

After that we got to go outside and watch the aeroplanes taking off and landing. We even got to see the big Emirates Airbus land that had just flown from Dubai!

This week in literacy we have been looking at the features of a recount and writing all about our trip to the Airport.

In Maths we have been looking concentrating on the number that is one more than a given number, we have been playing lots of practical games linked to this as well.

In our topic sessions, along with learning all about the aeroplanes and the airport we have made our own Hot Air Balloon ready for a class display.


Week 2 Summer Term 1

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In Literacy we have been looking at non-fiction books and watching videos of different types of transport. We have been making our own Non-fiction books based on transport, writing sentences about transport in the air, on a track, by road and sea. We have also labelled pictures of a bike and a car.

In Numeracy we have been looking at one more and one less than a number from a group of objects, you can help at home by saying a number and asking what is one more or one less than the given number.

In our topic sessions we have created our own Hot Air Balloon ready for a display in the classroom - please come and have a look when you get chance!!

Next week it is our trip to Manchester Airport, we're really looking forward to it - look out for the pictures!