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Junipers Home Learning 


Week 2


Week 2.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Multiplication and Division Problem Solving.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Equivalent Fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Equivalent Fractions.pdf Download


 Week 2.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Crossword.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Wordsearch.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Farmyard Writing Stimulus.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Correct the Spelling.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - St George's Day Comprehension.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Setting Writing.pdf Download
 Colour Thesaurus.pdf Download

Foundation Subjects

 Foundation Subjects.pdf Download


 Tonal Shading Presentation.ppt Download
 Tonal Shading Activity Sheet.pdf Download
 Extension Activity Tone.pdf Download


 Underground Explorer Script.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Under Our Feet.pptx Download
 Layers of the Earth.pdf Download
 Inside the Earth Activity Sheet.pdf Download
 Make a Model Earth Activity Instructions Sheet.pdf Download 


 Lesson 2 - Faster and Slower.ppt Download
 Friction Investigation Instructions.pdf Download
 Friction Investigation.pdf Download