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Junipers Home Learning

Week 3


 Numeracy Overview.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Compare Fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Order Fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Add Fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Subtract Fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Problem Solving.pdf Download
 Extension - Problem Solving.pdf Download


 Lesson 1 - Compare Fractions ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Order Fractions ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Add Fractions ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Subtract Fractions ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Problem Solving ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Extension Problem Solving ANSWERS.pdf Download


 LIteracy Overview.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Correct the Spellings.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Crossword.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Wordsearch.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - VE Day Comprehension.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Character Descriptions.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Volcanoes of the World Comprehension.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Create Your Own Character.pdf Download
 Character Appearance Word Mat.pdf Download
 Character Personality Word Mat.pdf Download


 Letter Formation Practice.pdf Download
 First 100 High-Frequency Words Handwriting.pdf Download
 Statutory Spellings Handwriting Practice.pdf Download

Foundation Subjects

 Foundation Subjects Overview.pdf Download


 Tone PowerPoint.ppt Download
 Tonal Shading Activity.pdf Download
 Extension Shading Activity.pdf Download


 Lesson 2 - Volcanoes.pptx Download
 How a Volcano is Made.pdf Download


 Lesson 3 - Scrapyard Challenge.ppt Download
 Magnetic Materials.pdf Download



 PE Overview.pdf Download
 Body Parts.pdf Download
 Clap Catch.pdf Download
 Crossing the River.pdf Download
 Full House.pdf Download
 King of the Pin.pdf Download
 Stuck in the Mud Football.pdf Download
 Traffic Lights.pdf Download