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Junipers Home Learning


Week 4


 Numeracy Overview.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Making the whole.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Tenths.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Count in tenths.pdf Download


 Lesson 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Making the whole ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Tenths ANSWERS.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Count in tenths ANSWERS.pdf Download


 Literacy Overview.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Crossword.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Wordsearch.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Captain Tom Moore Comprehension.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Correct the Spellings.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Mixed SPaG Activities.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Through the Doorway Writing Prompt.pdf Download

Foundation Subjects

 Foundation Subjects Overview.pdf Download


 How to Draw a Face.pdf Download
 Self Portrait Template.pdf Download


 Earthquakes.pptx Download
 Measuring Earthquakes.pdf Download
 Design an Earthquake Proof Building.pdf Download
 Earthquake Comprehension.pdf Download


 Magnetism Wordsearch.pdf Download
 Marvellous Mirrors.ppt Download
 Marvellous Mirrors Quiz.pdf Download
 Mirror Games.pdf Download
 Mirror Maze Activity.pdf Download