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Junipers Home Schooling Resources

Week 1


 Week 1.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Converting Pounds and Pence.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Adding Money.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Subtract Money.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - The 3 Times Table.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - The 4 Times Table.pdf Download



 Week 1.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Crossword.pdf Download
 Lesson 1 - Spelling Wordsearch.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Under the Sea Writing Stimulus.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Correct the Spelling.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - FA Cup Comprehension.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Volcano Mini Dictionary.pdf Download

Foundation Subjects

 Foundation Subjects.pdf Download
 Art Lesson.pdf Download
 Make Your Own Volcano.pdf Download
 Push and Pull Forces.pdf Download
 Pushes and Pulls.ppt Download