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Rowans Home Learning - Week 6

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 Lesson 1 Equivalent fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 2 - Convert between Improper and mixed numbers.pdf Download
 Lesson 3 - Compare and order fractions less than 1.pdf Download
 Lesson 4 - Add and subtract fractions.pdf Download
 Lesson 5 - Add mixed numbers.pdf Download

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 DAY 1.docx Download
 DAY 2.docx Download
 DAY 3.docx Download
 DAY 4.docx Download
DAY 5.docx


Foundation Subjects

 #Lesson Presentation Life Expectancy.ppt Download
Activity Sheet Life Expectancy of Animals Table .pdf Download
 Activity Sheet Recording Datasets .pdf Download
Science - Activity Sheet Reporting Findings.doc Download
Week 6 - Mental Health and Mindfulness Challenges.docx Download
  Lesson 6 - Mountains that are volcanoes.docx Download