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Willows Home Learning - Week 7


Maths resources

See information above for links to the tutorial videos. It is important you use these links to get the correct videos.

 Maths Lesson 1 Find the total.pdf Download
 Maths Lesson 2 Find the difference.pdf Download
 Maths Lesson 3 Find change.pdf Download
 Maths Lesson 4 Two-step problems.pdf Download
 Maths lesson 5 - mixed activity mat.pdf Download
 Optional Rock Star Maths .pdf Download
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Literacy resources
See information above for links to the video lessons.
You do not need to print anything for the literacy lessons. These resources are optional.
 Optional SPAG mats.pdf Download
 Week 7 spelling activities.pdf Download
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Foundation subjects
 Australian landmark photos and information.pdf Download
 Geography - Human and physical features of Australia worksheet.pdf Download
 Science - Describe the properties of materials.pdf Download
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