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OFSTED Report 2012

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We were inspected by OFSTED in 2012. We were graded as a GOOD school.


You can download the full report here and below is a summary of the inpectors' findings.


Summary of key findings for parents and pupils


This is a good school.


n New Road has made significant improvements in all aspects of its work since the time of the last inspection, particularly in tackling underperformance.

n Teaching is good in all phases of the school. Improvements in teaching are accelerating pupils’ progress.

n From their generally low starting points in the Reception Year all groups of pupils make good progress so that by the end of Key Stage 2 attainment is average.

n The school is successfully closing any gaps between how well different groups of pupils are doing compared to similar pupils across the country because their progress is checked regularly and well-targeted support ensures they succeed.



n Pupils’ attitudes and behaviour are good both in classrooms and around the school. Pupils know that they are looked after well. They feel safe and secure.

n The curriculum makes a positive contribution to pupils’ good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

n The new executive headteacher has made her high expectations absolutely clear. In a relatively short time, with the support of the local authority, she has brought about many rapid improvements including proven rigorous systems to evaluate and improve provision.

n The governing body has been re-organised and its members have undertaken training which ensures that it challenges school leaders appropriately.

n Parents are highly supportive of the school.


It is not yet an outstanding school because


n Although teaching is good overall it is not of a consistently high quality to bring about outstanding achievement. It sometimes does not challenge the more-able pupils enough.



n Through the school pupils are not always given sufficient opportunities to apply and develop their basic skills in writing and mathematics across a range of subjects and topics.

n The marking of pupils’ work does not always provide sufficient guidance on how pupils can improve their work.