New Road Primary School


New Road & Copley School Federation


New Road Primary School and Copley Primary School established the Federation in 2012 in order to benefit from working collaboratively and provide excellent education for local children. Our schools, which are located just 2.5 miles apart, within and near to Sowerby Bridge, value federation working and are both pro-active partners.


Our Federation Vision

Our Federation schools are united by our belief that every child is extraordinary and deserves an exceptional education. Our vision is to empower all our children to fulfil their true potential through excellent educational provision that inspires academic success and nurtures whole-child personal development. Our happy schools are inclusive, safe and stimulating environments, where children develop as motivated learners, and their individual achievements and efforts, recognised and celebrated.

We are driven by our philosophy that by working together and making the most of our individual and collective strengths, we can develop, innovate and embed excellence in our schools. Our Federation leaders, governors and staff teams care deeply about what they do and embrace a supportive culture of high expectation and ambition for everyone.  Our schools have strong values-based cultures that create a sense of belonging and unity and make a difference in their community. At Federation schools, we ignite bright futures.

What is a Federation and how is it beneficial?

A federation is two or more schools that have a legal arrangement to work together under a single governing body. The governing body set the strategic direction and overview of the Federation schools. We value a collaborative approach, moving forward together whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community, preserve its best traditions and retain its distinct identity.


Our collaborative working includes:

  • Joint projects for pupils to work together across the schools; consequently enhancing pupil educational experience.
  • Sharing staff knowledge, expertise and ideas across schools to support with ongoing professional development and school improvement strategy.
  • A leadership structure that shares a Federation Executive Headteacher who provides further leadership and school improvement capacity in each school.
  • Greater purchasing power, created by the economies of scale means better value for money.
  • Sharing of specialist teachers such as a Sports Coach & Bushcraft Lead.