New Road Primary School


Curriculum Overview

Art is taught as a discrete subject as we feel as a school there needs to be skills and techniques taught to the children. Art can be used as part of a topic but we feel they need to show a progression of art skills as they move through the year groups and this can only be done if art is taught as a separate subject. After careful monitoring by the art leaders we felt this was the way to teach it to show progress.

Our aims are to encourage children to be independent learners, show resilience and try new experiences. The curriculum offers that by allowing the children to work in at least 6 different mediums through the year, to learn new skills and always try their best.

Objectives and direction of the teaching of Art derives from the national curriculum and the NC objectives were shared among class teachers through the Art coverage that was completed by the Art Coordinators. The yearly overview for each key stage was introduced so that it was very clear what skills needed to be taught.

The planning overviews show progression of skills to be developed in each area, the key vocab to be introduced and the links back to the previous language taught (previous year group). Children are able to develop their reading, writing and maths skills in art with the opportunity to research on artists/processes, comparing artists/art work  so producing written work or presentations on artists.

Pupils and staff are encouraged to use the correct vocab and language in art, and using shape, perspective, line horizontal /vertical in their designs. All children can access the art curriculum regardless of race, gender or ability, it is a hands on/ practical session that can be adapted for all learners.

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