New Road Primary School

Catch Up Funding

New Road Primary School Covid Catch-up Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021

Following on from the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the government closing schools and moving to ‘home learning’ as a way of education, it is clear that a recovery plan is needed to ensure that all children are able to ‘catch up’ on any lost learning to allow them to work towards and beyond the expected level of progress for their year group.

From our experience here at New Road Primary School we had good engagement from families who regularly engaged in activities set by the class teacher via our school website. In addition, we offered to print off work packs for families struggling to access a printer and delivered packs directly to home for those vulnerable families that could not make it to school to collect.

Parents/ carers were able to communicate with their class teacher via class emails that were set up to support communication between school and home. We celebrated the work completed by the children via a weekly assembly that was filmed and uploaded onto the school website every Friday.

We recognise there is a need for a recovery plan to allow for gaps in knowledge and skills to be narrowed, and where possible support ‘catch up’ to the expected level of progress for each year group.


Funding Oct Census 141 children on roll at £80 per child = £11,280

Area to address

What we are doing





To ensure that all

pupils engage in a PHSE recovery plan to address as soon as possible some of the key mental health issues that children may face on return to school from lockdown.

  • Staff assess which areas of need have arisen that need to be addressed quickly.

Areas of possible concern could include:

- Internet safety

- Feelings of anxiety

- Isolation/ struggling to form relationships

- Rebuilding trust

- Building a sense of community

- Safety to ask unanswered questions

- Experience of trauma

- Bereavement

  • Teachers then prioritise focus for PSHE session according to pupil need.

  • PSHE lead to share teaching plan and resources with teachers incorporating NHS 5 steps to Well-being.

-Stay Connected

-Be Physical

-Take notice (mindfulness)

-Be kind

-Keep Learning

  • Launch Termly Well-being week.

  • Create pupil Well-being Ambassador

Release time for PSHE Lead 1 x fortnightly


Learning Mentor


Sept 2020

PHSE concerns are

Identified and staff know how issues can be addressed effectively.

Children feel emotionally and physically secure and ready to learn.

Once children are settled, a baseline assessment will be carried out before the end of half term. This will allow

teachers to identify gaps in learning and have a clear and informed starting point for planning teaching and learning.

To ensure the school Learning Mentor is supporting identified pupils to deal with any specific mental health issues that need addressing on a 1:1 basis.

  • 1:1 time in Rainbow Room with Learning Mentor

  • Strategies to support identified pupils inc Lego Therapy, SULP.

  • Identified pupils to be aware of ‘Time Out’ opportunities.

  • Morning house calls to support parents in establishing positive attendance outcomes.

Learning Mentor sessions.


Sept– Ongoing

Pupils able to regulate emotions and use appropriate strategies to support themselves in school and at home.

Identified pupils able to remain on task in class for increased periods of time.

Pupils to build on and strengthen resilience skills when faced with challenges.

Stronger relationships formed and maintained with peers.

Improved outcomes in academic achievements

To deliver targeted booster support

and catch up sessions to address gaps in learning and help pupils make

accelerated progress and outcomes that reflect ability prior to lockdown.

  • TA deployment re-designed and based on % of pupils below expected levels due to lockdown impact.

  • Increased interventions including increased numbers of daily readers in school.

  • Homework club 2 x week for identified pupils delivered by Senior TA.

SEND release time 1 x week.

Senior TA

2hr a week



Sept 2020

Nov 2020 Homework Club

More pupils making accelerated progress and outcomes in line with previous expected levels. Termly TT reports to evidence.

Ensuring equality of opportunity with higher number of pupils accessing homework tasks.

Increased level of reading improves fluency and comprehension skills.

To deliver Teacher Led Booster Sessions for literacy and numeracy for identified pupils in Y3 and Y6

  • Weekly sessions for target pupils - 3.30-4.30pm.

  • To review target pupils termly based on impact of booster work.

2 x weekly session teacher led £25 per hour


Literacy Lead



Nov 2020 and run weekly until May.

Target Tracker to track achievement and analyse gaps in learning.

Individuals and groups to have made more than expected progress within the year to get them to the expected standard.

To increase school resources that support pupil progress in maths and literacy skills.

  • Ensuring a robust and consistent approach to assessment is used throughout the school. Providing teachers with a forensic identification and evaluation of pupil gaps in learning.

  • Design of daily maths lessons incorporate previous learning from summer term blended with new learning form present year group.

  • Each child in Year 2 to complete a phonics assessment of phase 2- 5 inc Year 1 phonics screening test

Rising Stars – National Test Style assessments for Reading and Maths.


Purchase Premium Resource Package from White Rose Maths Hub £95

Purchase additional reading books in required phase



End of term assessment

Gaps in pupils learning identified and teacher able to teach concepts missed.

Increase % of pupils achieving age expected outcomes.

Accelerated progress in Phonics knowledge and outcomes in data at end of year in line with previous performance.

Total Cost