New Road Primary School

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Mrs Mitchell


Name: Mrs Mitchell

Likes: Eating out with family/friends and animals

Dislikes: Bad weather.

Hobbies: Going to the gym, mountain biking, walking and reading

Favourite film: Toy Story or anything Disney 

Favourite book: Matilda or anything by Roald Dahl

Favourite food: Anything! I love food

Favourite subject: Sport

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why? A travel writer because I like travelling the world and I'd like to  share my experiences.

Hero/heroine: Guy Martin

Support Staff

Mrs Gee

We have been matching the number of objects to the correct numeral.

Happy Mother's Day

Lockdown Learning Champions

Friday 5th March

Ezra, Liam and Alec

Friday 26th February

Alanah and Austin

Friday 12th February

Isla, Macie and Tillie

Friday 5th February

Betty and Oliver

Friday 29th January

Alfie and Jonah

Friday 22nd January

Nia and Grace

Friday 15th January

Ivy and Ezra

Our First Class Photograph

Labeling a car.

Our topic this term is Journeys and Transport. We have been learning all about different transport and where we might go. As part of our Literacy lesson this week, we worked in groups to use our phonics to label a car.


We have been patiently waiting for our five hungry caterpillars to turn into Butterflies. During our topic session last term we learnt all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. The children were really excited as the first 2 butterflies made their appearance. After drying out, and getting use to their wings they were ready to be released in the garden.

British Science Week

Our challenge was to make a water balloon survive a one story drop. We used our team work skills to construct a structure to protect our water balloon for when it was dropped. Here's how we got on!

Remember, remember the 5th of November!!!

We had loads of fun creating fireworks with powder paints, water and big brushes.

Linked to our topic we have been looking at fruits and vegetables that are ready for harvesting in Autumn. We picked apples from the school garden.