New Road Primary School


 PSHE Curriculum Overview

At New Road, we ensure that the wellbeing, happiness and safety of the children are our priority. PSHE forms an important part of the curriculum and we endeavour that children will be provided with a PSHE provision that gives pupils:

  • Knowledge and understanding to make informed choices and decisions.
  • An opportunity to develop self – awareness, confidence and self- esteem.
  • Responsible attitudes towards physical and mental health, supported by a healthy and safe lifestyle.
  • Skills and positive attitude towards building effect relationships and respect for others.
  • Ability to manage and express feelings appropriately.
  • Understanding of a diverse society and our rights and responsibilities. 

At New Road to support the teaching of PSHE we follow a scheme of learning through SCARF. SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) is an online PSHE programme that provides lesson plans and resources for teachers. Each year group follow the same three broad topics of Health & Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. By following the same topics there is a clear and structured progression enabling pupils to build on their skills, learning and understanding year on year. 

At New Road we continually promote our school GROWTH values which supports our PSHE teaching:

  • Goals
  • Respect
  • Ownership
  • Work Ethic
  • Team Work
  • Health

These values are embedded throughout school life through cross curricular links, assemblies, specialist teams/external PSHE providers/speakers, Circle Time and guidance as situations arise, school events and extra curricular activities, School Council and Pupil Voice.

See the curriculum coverage on the link below: EYFS -Ye

PSHE Curriculum Coverage: EYFS- Year 6


RSE Curriculum Overview

Relationship Sex Education is now a statutory subject. At New Road, we are dedicated to the teaching of relationships sex education through our PSHE lessons and other enhancements. Our scheme of work, SCARF, directly meets each RSE objectives. We have created a mapping document to show where our scheme covers each RSE objective. We feel, at New Road, that by the time our children leave in year 6, they will have had a comprehensive teaching of relationship sex education. We hope, that each child feels ready to navigate relationships in a safe and respectful manner and know how and where to go for support.

See RSE Mapping by clicking on the link below-

RSE SCARF Mapping: EYFS - Year 6

RSE Information for Parents