New Road Primary School



Curriculum Overview

At New Road our teaching of Geography is to inspire a curiosity about the world and its people and give the pupils the skills and knowledge to allow them to develop and deepen their understanding.

We plan to give pupils a broader view of the world, beginning with the local area in EYFS through ELGs and moving on to the wider world throughout KS1 and KS2. In each year group the planning specifies the skills and knowledge to be taught in each geography topic that build on skills taught in previous years.

These plans are based on the National Curriculum ( including field work skills) so the children can practise these skills yearly to embed and extend them.

Teaching is done in blocks, with two focused Geography units across each year group with EYFS teaching Geography through objectives from the ELGs. This allows the children to focus on the subject and to practise the skills they are learning across the block.

Teachers can also look at future years teaching skills and use these to extend and support pupil exceeding their age expected standards or further support SEND pupils. These skills are also brought into other subjects – Literacy, maths, History, PSHCE, PE. We have implemented a questionnaire based around skills and knowledge at the beginning and end of each unit and also an end of unit task so that the children can demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

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Geography Curriculum Coverage