New Road Primary School

New Road Curriculum Statement

New Road Primary School has established clear overarching curriculum aims and principles that drive and shape all levels of planning, thereby delivering a cohesive curriculum throughout the school.

New Road Curriculum Principles:  

  • All learning experiences are rich in language, build vocabulary and oracy.
  • Children are encouraged to be curious about their learning; ask questions and develop as independent active learners.
  • Children develop our GROWTH school values: Goals, Respect, Ownership, Work Ethic, Teamwork and Health.
  • Learning progressively builds knowledge and skills through a carefully structured progression sequence.
  • Diversity and difference is celebrated and respected. Good social skills and emotional wellbeing is prioritised so children have healthy relationships and make good decisions and choices.
  • Provision promotes children to reach or exceed their potential, regardless of their background, social disadvantage or SEND need.
  • Build cultural capital through frequent enriching experiences and memorable moments.
  • Teachers create active learning opportunities in lessons which help boost both children’s health and improve learning.


At New Road, the statutory skills and knowledge for each key stage are taught through a combination of both discrete subject specific lessons and cross-curricular topic themes. Meaningful connections and links are made, providing cohesion within and across units of learning whilst maintaining the integrity of each subject.  We have ensured progression is achieved by identifying the precise skills and key knowledge that we want our children to acquire by the end of each unit or year.

Lesson time is used effectively as new learning takes into account prior learning whilst simultaneously revisiting key learning concepts that build progressively as the children progress through school. 

Curriculum enrichment contributes to building cultural capital for our children.  Educational visits and visitors are planned to support curriculum delivery in an exciting and stimulating way.

Each curriculum subject is led and co-ordinated by a member of staff designated as the lead for that subject in school. Subject Leaders oversee, develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their subject across all year groups and phases.

In summary our curriculum delivery:

  • Takes every opportunity to develop pupil’s use of language and vocabulary; to develop pupils ability to evaluate, explain and analyse.
  • Is interactive and innovative with opportunities for pupils to discuss, question and share ideas.
  • Highly personalised; is responsive to the needs of individual pupils and cohorts.
  • Demonstrates secure subject knowledge and understanding of the whole curriculum.
  • Reflects our New Road GROWTH values: Goals, Respect, Ownership, Work Ethic, Teamwork and Health.
  • Includes purposeful regular feedback that impacts on future learning
  • Makes clear to pupils what is expected and the intended learning gain.
  • Always embodies high expectations of what can be achieved.
  • Will challenge all pupils, though effective and appropriate differentiation.
  • Aims to develop positive learning behaviours through carefully designed active learning experiences.
  • Is thoroughly planned and informed by assessment

New Road is an inclusive school so we make sure our curriculum is accessible for all children including pupils with additional SEND needs. Please see our school SEND Policy here- SEND Policy 2022

If you require any more information on the curriculum coverage please speak to your child's class teacher or if you would like to know more about a specific subject area you can speak to the subject lead. You will find details of who the lead teacher is for each subject on the Curriculum Foundation Subjects page.

If you would like the subject lead to contact you or you require a paper copy of our curriculum coverage please send an email to: