New Road Primary School

Pupil Roles

Head Boy and Head Girl 
Seth and Scarlett


House Captain and Vice Captains
Leopards - Lucas and Tommy
Jaguars - Keavie and Lexie
Lions - Owen and Holly
Panthers - Olivia and Paige 


School Councillors
Willows Year 2 - Esmae and Zach
Junipers Year 3 - Alisa and Noah
Elms Year 4 - Lacey-Mae and Finn
Rowans Year 5 - Olivia and Herbie
Maples Year 6 - Elise and Max
Play Leaders
Millie, Marcel, Lexie-Mae, Felicity, Scarlett, Elise, Charlie, Olivia and Dylan
Reading Ambassadors
Lois, Lexie-Mae, Scarlett, Mikah and Felicity
Wellbeing Champion 
Year 6 Ambassadors