New Road Primary School

Our Federation Governance

New Road Primary School is part of a Federation working in partnership with Copley Primary School, therefore our Federation has a single Governing Body overseeing the work of both schools.

The Governing Body has a variety of duties and responsibilities set out by law. The Governors are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, this is the job of the Headteacher and the Senior Management Team.

The areas of work that the Governors are involved in include the school's development and improvement plans, review of policies, monitoring of results and budget spending. 

The Governors at New Road and Copley Federation work alongside the Headteacher and SLT team to provide an environment that provides the best possible education, care and support for all the children in both schools.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school. Co-opted Governors are individuals from the community who are appointed by the Governing Body. The Local Authority appoint the LA Governors. Parent and Staff Governors are elected into the role and Headteachers are ex-officio. All governors have equal status, however they are appointed.

Our Governing Body also includes two sub committee's:

Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee links the priorities in the School Development Plan to the budget, and evaluates the effect in the school of investing in these priorities. It monitors expenditure and income and takes action to revise the budget plan if the budget position is not in line with the set budget plan.

The Committee plans ahead (preferably for three years) taking into account factors such as pupil projections, condition of the school and realistic lifespan of equipment/resources to determine potential pressures on the budget.

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

The Standards and Effectiveness Committee provides support and challenge to the leadership of the school and to hold them to account in relation to the quality of educational provision including: the quality of teaching and learning, pupil progress and outcomes; the quality of the curriculum provision and delivery and the behaviour and safety of pupils.


See below for the list of all our Governors with their area of responsibility within the Federation.


The Chair of Governors, John Frank, can be contacted via email at-

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Governor's responsibilities and pecuniary interests 2023-2024

Governor Attendance 2022-2023

Governor Attendance 2021- 2022

Chair of Governors:

John Frank

Date of appointment to GB: 18/1/17

Date of appointment to CoG: 27/9/22

Responsibility areas: HT Performance Management

''I have been on the Governing body for about 6 years.  I was previously the Vice Chair and am really pleased to now be appointed as the Chair.  During my time as part of the Governing Body, I have really enjoyed learning about and supporting the strategy for the two schools in our Federation, which is our main role.  However, I would say one of the best parts of the role is being able to spend some time in school and see the children and teachers in action.  Recently I had the pleasure of seeing some of our Active School learning in practice!''


Vice Chair:

Phill Gee

Date of appointment to GB: 1/9/19.

Date of appointment to VC: 27/9/22

Responsibility areas: Children Looked After

"I'm a New Road parent who wanted to try to help further by being a school governor. I work in I.T. by trade but I also coach an under 9s football team for Ryburn United so I get to meet all sorts of people and I enjoy being busy! It's a great honour to be vice-chair to John and I'm looking forward to continuing the good work we've all been doing."


Staff Governors :

Mrs Sharon Harwood - Headteacher, New Road

Mrs Sarah Hemingway - Headteacher, Copley

Miss Abi Owen - Executive Head, New Road & Copley Federation

Mrs Tina Bolton - Class Teacher/ Literacy Lead, New Road


Parent Governor:

Mathew Benson

Date of appointment: 19/10/21

Responsibility areas: HT Performance Management


Local Authority:

Gareth Morris

Date of appointment: 1/6/22

Responsibility areas: Health & Safety



Gillian Bush - Date of appointment: 1/9/18. Responsibility areas: SEND/Inclusion, Safeguarding

Alex Mutch- Date of appointment: 1/9/19. Responsibility areas: HT Performance Management, Sports Premium

Ian Potts- Date of appointment: 7/11/17. Responsibility areas: Pupil Premium

Chris Bouckley- Date of appointment: 26/9/23. 

Lisa Williams- Date of appointment: 26/9/23. Responsibility areas: SEND/Inclusion, Safeguarding


Clerk to Governors:

Helen Kay

Date of appointment: 1/9/16